Reine Rouge

Brand name «Reine Rouge» was created in 2016 by Oksana Kornilova.

 “I wanted to join the bohemian style and light eroticism with maximum functionality and well supported bust. Every girl is beautiful by nature and she must, for sure, to find her perfect set in the collections of the brand name “Reine Rouge”! », says the founder of the trademark.


Correctly chosen underwear is the key to self-confidence, a good mood and health of the woman. Lingerie by designer brand «Reine Rouge» is not just trendy and sexual provocative. Our bra provide reliable support for the bust, forming the correct silhouette for sizes from 70A up to 85D, which makes our brand name unique.


“Reine Rouge” lady is arrogant and self-assured. She is sophisticated and elaborate, emphasizes her sexuality and isn’t afraid to be daring. “Reine Rouge” rules his life and men.


For today, “Reine Rouge” is a team of high-level professionals, passionately concerned for their job. A brand product has become an integral part of the life of each of us.


We are using only European materials: the best lace, natural Italian silk, velvet, high quality controls (does not lose color and shine over time). “Reine Rouge” does not simplify the manufacturing process of its products and providing high-end fit bustier and other models. Each stitch is done by hand. The soul of muster is nested in each set.


All “Reine Rouge” models are EXCLUSIVE due to small edition and a high refresh rate range.


Partner’s network of our brand name is growing every day.

We always welcome new cooperation!

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We admire the modern women and working only for them !!!

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